Privacy Policy

Golden Lake Camp’s Privacy Policy on the Use of Personal Information

Click here to download the camp privacy policy in PDF format.

[1] Golden Lake Camp requests and keeps securely, in secure storage locations and on file, certain personal information about campers and their families such as names, addresses, ages, gender identities, email addresses, phone numbers, religious affiliations, financial information, health data, and various other information that may from time to time be reasonably requested on camp registration forms.

[2] The first purpose for such collection and storage of personal information is to allow the camp to make contact with campers’ parents or guardians, and, in an emergency situation during the campers’ camp experience, with their emergency contact persons. This contact happens before the camp experience, possibly during the camp experience, and may continue for a reasonable number of years following the camp experience, to help ensure the best-possible outcome for the campers, and to allow ongoing communication with families for follow-up purposes and to permit advertising of future camp programs.

[3] The second purpose for collecting and storage of personal information is to allow for non-identifying statistical analysis of families sending their children to camp, so that the camp can discover trends related to returning campers, geographical areas from which campers originate, average amount of subsidies afforded to families, and any other statistical information along the same lines that can enhance the camp’s program planning for future years.

[4] The Golden Lake Camp Board identifies which Board Members, staff persons, and volunteers are allowed to access the information collected, and requires all such persons to sign agreements to protect the confidentality of such data and to ensure that it is used only for the intended purposes as stated above. The collected information is never released to third parties for any reason.

[5] This document concerning the camp’s policy on requesting and using personal information is posted on the camp’s website, and is also available for mailing or emailing to anyone who requests it.