Junior Camp (7-11)

After a week they’ll never forget

The Program

Our regular program welcomes both boys and girls. Campers stay in cabins with two trained counsellors, and most activities are in cabin groups.

Activities include crafts, archery, canoeing, swimming, sports, a mountain hike, camp-out, camp-wide games, worship, group discussion, Water Olympics, Talent Night, Tuck Shop, and hanging out with new friends.

Each week-long program accommodates 68 children from a variety of church backgrounds, and from none at all. Also on site are several directors and other staff including qualified lifeguards, cooks, and a site manager. Our overall staff-to-camper ratio is normally better than 1 to 3.

Children with disabilities are considered for our program if suitable arrangements can be made. (We invite you to inquire.) No one is ever turned down for financial reasons. Read through the section on Rates to find out more.

Junior Outdoor Adventure Camps (unfortunately not being offered in 2022–hopefully in 2023) are similar to our regular Junior camps except that campers stay in tents (provided) at another location nearby, and share in a wider variety of outdoor games and activities, including a day-long canoe trip. The program has its own directors, food is served at picnic tables or around the fire, and counsellors stay in the tents with campers and lead them through the program. Registration is limited to 16 campers per week, and the camps often fill up quickly.