Camp Wish List

Every year there are many everyday items needed to make camp work. Would you consider donating items from our wish list?

Once you have purchased the items you wish to donate, please let us know so that we can remove them from the list. Just send a quick email to This list was last updated July 18 2024.

Thank you for your generous support!

Program Supplies: soft rubber playground balls; 30 youth small or medium life jackets; 15 adult medium or large lifejackets; 2-3 comfortable couches; 2-3 lifeguard chairs (any outdoor chair is fine but taller is better); a “rescue can” with shoulder loop and rope 1.6m or longer; blankets; clothes pins; canoes (aluminum); brooms with dustpans, twinkle lights; mid-length extension cords; large tarps for campout night, yoga mats or soft mats for sitting/crawling 

Office Supplies: Brother DCP7065 DN printer toner. Some supplies we usually need more of every year: black permanent markers; colourful permanent markers; pens; batteries (AA, AAA, 9V);

For cabins: 4 box fans; 4 small garbage cans. For rainy days: bubbles; backpacks; dice; paper; colouring books; colouring pencils; pencils; board games; cards

First Aid Supplies: 4 tensor bandages; deodorant; children’s toothbrushes. We need some supplies refilled frequently: small ice packs, children’s Advil, children’s Gravol, children’s Benadryl, bandaids (especially large ones); calamine lotion, 1-2 epipens (these are expensive and expire frequently)

Kitchen Equipment: 2-3 large, 70 quart airtight storage containers; new kitchen knives; cookie sheets

Craft Supplies: old National Geographic magazines (or any magazine with interesting pictures); glue sticks; white craft glue; construction paper; embroidery (bracelet) string; markers; crayons, coloured chalk; craft foam sheets; paper plates; popsicle sticks; CDs; paintbrushes & paint; beads; coloured tape; ribbon; pipe cleaners; toilet paper rolls; toothpicks; food colouring; yogurt lids; pom poms; googly eyes; scraps of fabric; chart paper

Bigger ideas: new fireplace and chimney for the dining hall, 2x new panoramic windows for the south wall, building materials to renovate the site manager’s house. Please email us if you want to learn more!