UPDATE: Interviews have started and will continue throughout March. Don’t be afraid to apply, though; we will still take new applications until we’ve hired everyone! If you want to check in about what positions are left or how you can best contribute to Golden Lake Camp, email devin@goldenlakecamp.ca.

It may be winter, but we are already starting to gear up for the summer. If you’re looking to work for Golden Lake Camp, we’re looking to hire you!

There are two ways to get involved at Golden Lake. “Perm Staff” work all summer, from June 27 to August 24. Volunteer Staff (who do get paid a small honorarium) work on a week-by-week basis and are a crucial part of how we keep the camp running!

Volunteer applications will stay open all spring and into the summer, depending on interest. Perm Staff applications, on the other hand, will officially close on March 1. We’ll run interviews throughout March, and then if any positions aren’t filled we’ll check if anyone has applied since March 1.

Please apply! We love hearing from new and returning staff about the ways in which we can glorify God by serving our campers. If you have any concerns about applying – just apply, then talk to us about it and we’ll see what we can work out.

Visit www.goldenlakecamp.ca/get-involved/work-at-camp to submit your application form. We look forward to hearing from you!