Camper Subsidy Fund

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Golden Lake camp realizes that the families of some children just can’t afford to send their children to camp. Not to Golden Lake Camp. Not to any camp. So the Board of Golden Lake camp does an almost unheard-of-thing.  Golden Lake Camp agrees to subsidize any family who need financial assistance to send their children to camp. Not just a few families – but – any family. Over the years, hundreds of children have come to Golden Lake because no family that has asked for assistance has ever been turned down.

Today, over one hundred children each summer – 20 to 25 percent of those attending – are subsidized according to their situation of need.

You can create an amazing summer camp experience for a child by getting involved in our Camper Subsidy Fund, by donating or fundraising. Golden Lake Camp has always operated on a limited budget, and by participating in our subsidy program, you can help ensure that each camper who wants to attend camp next summer has that opportunity.

 You can keep track of our fundraising campaign here.Fundraise Now Through!